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Dr Rama Krishna Sai Gorthi

Professor Signal/Image Processing, Computer Vision and Patte... View Profile

Prof M. V. Kartikeyan

Professor High-power Millimeter/THz Wave Engineering, Source... View Profile

Dr N N Murty

Professor Defect identification and characterization in semi... View Profile

Dr Parthajit Mohapatra

Associate Professor Advanced communication techniques for future wirel... View Profile

Dr Subrahmanyam Gorthi

Associate Professor Areas of Interest: Medical Image Analysis, Signal ... View Profile

Dr K P Naveen

Associate Professor Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Patel

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Antenna System Architecture for Wireless Communica... View Profile

Dr Vikramkumar Pudi

Assistant Professor Digital Design, Cyber security and Cryptography... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor RF Sensors and Transducers Microwave to THz Charac... View Profile

Dr Viju Nair

Assistant Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Dr Swapnil Bhuktare

Assistant Professor Modeling & simulation of nanoscale devices, their ... View Profile

Dr Srujana Kagita

Assistant Professor Rf And Microwave Components And Antennas Analog Ci... View Profile

Dr Prashanth Vooka

Assistant Professor Measurements and Instrumentation, Capacitive Senso... View Profile

Dr Pooja Vyavahare

Assistant Professor Distributed function computation and optimization,... View Profile

Dr P S SaiKrishna

Assistant Professor Industrial Automation, Robust and Optimal Control ... View Profile

Dr Sarvagya Dwivedi

Assistant Professor Integrated photonics, Silicon photonics... View Profile

Dr Vignesh V

Assistant Professor Power System Dynamics, Smart Grids... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Kumar Gurugubelli

Assistant Professor Device Modeling, Nanoelectronics, High-Voltage Dev... View Profile